Better, faster answers for the enterprise
  • We enable you...

    Build your own big data 'Universe'

    To break free of the bottlenecks of conventional DB and analytics tools.

    Cope up with the gigantic growth in volume, velocity and variety of your data

    Think and act in terms of BIG DATA, now and forever.

    All this at blazing fast development speeds (with the help of our proprietary Lean Process For Big Data Adoption)

  • Big Data Consulting for SMBs

    We are adept in handling Big Data concerns of SMBs.

    We offer predictable and rapid turn-around time for your Big Data rollouts.

    Our expertise in Big Data tools, Data Visualization and Data Science at large, make it possible!

  • Let us reach out to you

    For any kind of queries related to Big Data tools/techniques, feel free to write to us at -


    Schedule a free consultation to discover how you can leverage the power of Big Data.

  • Systems Integration

    We help you evaluate tools, do 'proof-of-concept' and eventually architecture and design a big-data eco-system. We take your vision to completion and make sure all the components work together seamlessly.

  • Big Data Analytics

    We empower you to take the best strategic advantage of your data. Gain better, faster insights into your data in a way that was never before possible.

  • Data Visualization

    With over a decade's experience in building interactive and user facing applications, we bring precisely effective knowledge of data visualization UI. Embed the 'visual' BI into your existing applications to become a data-driven organization.

  • Implementation

    We help you envision your Big Data roadmap and achieve it in incremental steps. We develop, test and deploy big data solutions.

Our arsenal:

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